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I have practiced psychic ability. Then I got possessed by a demon. Am I going to Hell? Will Jesus forgive me? Do I need an exorcism? [u/iknj79480]

When I was 13 I made a friend who was psychic and he helped me develop my psychic ability. I did not know it was Satanic at the time, I just thought it was really cool to have this power. I learned how to hear (or rather sense) thoughts, predict future outcomes, guess correct answers on multiple choice tests, and worst of all, actually manipulate people and their decisions with my mind by concentrating on them. I was also able to make someone drop something or trip and fall by concentrating on him. I also learned to use the Law of Attraction, visualizing something to make it happen. Then when I was 14 I learned it was demonic, partially repented, cut ties with my friend, and stopped trying to develop this power further. But it was already too late, I had already opened my mind to the power and often found myself using it subconsciously. I would often get visions or at least would sense the future. And when asking someone of a favor my mind would subconsciously open up to the other person’s mind to try to influence him. Throughout the years I would use this ability when it was convenient for me. I used mind control magic to talk a police officer out of giving me an alcohol possession ticket in college. I used Law of Attraction to become an Internet celebrity making $10,000/month in college. I used psychic ability to determine that Bitcoin and Ethereum would go way up in 2016, so I invested thousands of dollars into them. And multiplied my investment almost 10-fold. I would often use it when I got a health problem to see the future and determine if it would go away. I used magic to heal myself of tinnitus, ringing in the ears. Then 2 years ago I lose my income (Internet business) because I went on a long drug binge and neglected my work. When I sobered up I got incredibly distressed and turned to my psychic power to see into the future whether or not I would be able to regain my income. My power told me that I would not. That’s when I got suicidal and basically cast a death spell on myself. I was possessed with a very strong desire to die, had a lot of psychic power, but lacked the balls to physically kill myself. Thus I got possessed by a demon. I heard God say “Depart from me”. That was when He stopped protecting me from demons. Then all Hell broke loose. I felt a flash in my mind, felt a large part of my mind, memories, and emotions get erased, and felt myself start burning. Then I got a red aura around me, my power magnified, I was filled with intense hatred, had a strong desire to end the world, and I actually watched the world end in nuclear war on TV. Then apparently God intervened and fixed all the damage. Throughout the whole experience I was certain that I was was dying and was on my way to Hell. I felt like I was partially in Hell already. I eventually recovered from this, but it took a trip to the mental hospital and a lot of medication. I still have severe brain damage from the demonic incident. My IQ dropped a lot, my emotions are dulled down, and a lot of my memories have been erased. It feels like I have a hole in my mind. Thankfully my psychic ability was mostly burned out of me, though I still used it and a few simple healing spells even after the possession. But recently I have repented of drugs and psychic ability, and have turned to Jesus. I have accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. Am I saved? Or am I beyond salvation because of what happened? Do I need an exorcism?
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Trump, Regulus and the United Nations

Trump, Regulus and the United Nations
I have said multiple times that at the very least, Trump is the little horn from the book of Daniel and with some events coming up in the future, I think it's appropriate to gather some of these spread out ideas across all of my posts into one.

I'm not going to delve deep into this specific part because you can read about this more here.

Daniel 7
8 “While I was thinking about the horns, there before me was another horn, a little one, which came up among them; and three of the first horns were uprooted before it. This horn had eyes like the eyes of a human being and a mouth that spoke boastfully.

So the little horn uproots 3 of the others and its a person who speaks boastfully. I don't think Trump has uprooted anyone yet but maybe that's for later.

Keeping with the "As above, so below" theme, what does "above" have to say about this little horn. Well, a lot actually.

Strengths in Donald Trump’s Birth Chart
The first thing that stands out from Donald Trump’s birth chart is that he has the royal fixed star, Regulus, conjunct to his Ascendant. Regulus is one of the four Royal Stars of Persia, and the only one known as “The Royal Star,” the Star of Kings, and the “Heart of the Lion” (or Lion’s Heart. Cor Leonis in Italian).
With Regulus on the Ascendant, Donald Trump can’t help but to have a “majestic temperament.”
Donald Trump is extremely lucky to have been born with this honor. Having any of the Royal Fixed Stars on the Ascendant promises power, success, honor, charisma, wealth, and special talents as long as one mandatory condition is met (explained below).
Regulus, in particular, also promises military honors and victory over enemies. This influence is doubled because Donald Trump has Mars near the Ascendant. Mars near Regulus promises honor, fame, strong character, public prominence, and high military command.
Not enough good things can be said about having Regulus conjunct the Ascendant. It makes one courageous, frank, and noble. It allows Donald to see the big picture of things.
those who have this star prominent are esteemed, commanding, independent, outspoken, great-souled and honor-loving, often wealthy and born leaders of men.”
However, one big condition must be met for Donald Trump to receive all the benefits of Regulus. Donald must avoid revenge. That’s what Regulus requires.
Regulus promises great success if revenge can be avoided. If Donald Trump engages in revenge, Regulus promises a falling from grace.
"If, out of anger or hurt, the person takes revenge, then as promised with all Royal Stars, there is a falling from grace.”
Falling from the grace of Regulus can bring violence, trouble, sickness, and scandal. Regulus can take away all that has been gained. As long as revenge is avoided, the sky is the limit for Donald Trump.

Assuming this is true, does anyone here think Trump won't do the very thing he isn't supposed to do. It's almost like he was fated to do it.

Now what does this have to do with the little horn? Everything.

From the remotest times it has been known as the "royal star" par excellence; one of the four royal stars regarded by the ancient Persian monarchy which were supposed long ago to rule over the four quarters of the heavens. In Babylon they knew it as Sharru, the King, in India as Maghā, the Mighty, in Persia as Miyan, the Center and in Latin Rex, from which Copernicus constructed the name we use today: Regulus, The Little King.
The three other seasonal "royal stars" are Antares (summer), Fomalhaut (autumn) and Aldebaran (winter). But the royal star of spring, Regulus, has always been in a certain way, their chief. For about 5,000 years it has been believed, traditionally, to control the affairs of heaven, and the astrologers have seized upon this idea by making it the natal star of kings, and those destined to kingly achievements and rule.

Doc's first dog's name is Copernicus from Back to the Future. For the very large significance of the BttF Trilogy to all of this, go here.

The Little King. The Little Baron Trump. The Little Horn from the Book of Daniel. 1 of 4 who supplants the other 3.

Horns denote poweauthority in the Bible.
A baron is a nobleman — a member of the aristocracy. Barons are also important, powerful businessmen with huge influence over their industries. In Britain, a baron is called “Lord,” but in the States, we call them “rich.”
Barons are members of the aristocracy — wealthy people born into power and influence. How high a baron ranks depends on the country, but the title always carries respect. Similarly, a business leader who is rich, powerful, and influential is a baron. The term is used in phrases such as oil baron and baron of industry. You can also call that kind of baron a big businessman, magnate, mogul, top executive, or tycoon.

Trump is a Real Estate baron. He is also part Scottish which hold Barons as titles.

The little Baron Trump (if you haven't heard of this before, go here). You also have his kid with that name.

Babylonians called it Sharru ("the King"), and it marked the 15th ecliptic constellation.

So since he's the 45th president, 15 X 3 = 45. 15 being the number that the Freemasonic "magic square" adds up to no matter which direction you add up the numbers.


So he's the little horn AND the King of Babylon. Mystery Babylon in my opinion (read more about this here), is America/New York and that's Donnie's home city as well as the city where the HQ of the UN is. Which just so happens to be right next to one his buildings which is also even closer to UN related buildings with the exact same Egyptian black gold color scheme that sticks out like a sore thumb, one complete with a gold pyramid for a top. (Read about the signifance of the Trump Tower buildings and the significance of their locations here)

100 UN Plaza (left) and Trump World Tower (right)
100 UN Plaza
That shape isn't blatantly obvious or anything.
Trump World Tower and the United Nations HQ are less than a half mile away from each other. The name "Trump World" and "Tower" (of Babel) seems to be implying something as well.

Consider this. Trump just gave a speech there at the UNHQ where he was literally laughed at by the leaders of the world. The last time a world leader laughed at him during a speech, he took his job....

Then there is this.

In 2014, Regulus was eclipsed by an asteroid for 14 seconds right over New York.

Asteroid to black out bright star during once in a lifetime event
An asteroid will pass directly in front of Regulus, one of the brightest stars in our night sky, next Wednesday — briefly blacking out the star in what astronomers are calling a “once in a lifetime” event. Better yet, New York City falls directly within the viewing path which is literally paper-thin on the earths scale. The event is so small, and so brief, that it will only be visible over a sliver of area. And this area happens to encompass millions of people in New York City, Northeast NJ and Long Island.

March Stargazing: 'Little King' Star Regulus Reigns in Space Lion's Heart
On Thursday, March 20 2014, Regulus will participate in a rare celestial event when an asteroid passes directly in front of the star, as seen from Earth. The asteroid in question is 163 Erigone. Asteroid 163 Erigone is about 45 miles (72 km) wide, but its "shadow" slanting to Earth's surface will be 67 miles (108 km) wide.Erigone's shadow will move on a southeast-to-northwest trajectory and will extend from New York City as well as western and central Long Island to Oswego in New York State, and then continues northwest, the length of Ontario to the Hudson Bay shore of Manitoba. Those who are within the shadow path and watching at just the right moment with just their eyes will see an amazing sight: Regulus will seem to abruptly disappear as if a switch had been thrown, blotted out by the tiny invisible asteroid.Regulus will remain invisible for up to 14 seconds (for those situated along the center of the path); an incredible, albeit very brief occurrence.

This "once in a lifetime event" eclipsing right over New York. Home of Trump and the UNHQ, in 2014 for 14 seconds.

The predictive Trump TV show from 1958 episode of Trackdown entitled "End of the World" claimed the end would be on November 14th. That's when the leonids were suppose to show up and batter the earth with meteors in the show. You can watch this 22 minute episode here.

The Leonids are a prolific meteor shower associated with the comet Tempel–Tuttle. The Leonids get their name from the location of their radiant in the constellation Leo: the meteors appear to radiate from that point in the sky. Their proper Greek name should be Leontids , but the word was initially constructed as a Greek/Latin hybrid and it has been used since. They peak in the month of November.
The Leonids are famous because their meteor showers, or storms, can be among the most spectacular. Because of the storm of 1833 and the recent developments in scientific thought of the time (see for example the identification of Halley's Comet) the Leonids have had a major effect on the development of the scientific study of meteors, which had previously been thought to be atmospheric phenomena. Though it has been suggested the meteor shower-storm has been noted in ancient times it was the meteor storm of 1833 that broke into people's modern day awareness – it was of truly superlative strength. One estimate is over one hundred thousand meteors an hour, but another, done as the storm abated, estimated in excess of 240,000 meteors during the nine hours of the storm over the entire region of North America east of the Rocky Mountains.
It was marked by several nations of Native Americans: the Cheyenne established a peace treaty and the Lakota calendar was reset. Abolitionists including Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass as well as slave-owners took note and others. The New York Evening Post carried a series of articles on the event including reports from Canada to Jamaica, it made news in several states beyond New York and though it appeared in North America was talked about in Europe. The journalism of the event tended to rise above the partisan debates of the time and reviewed facts as they could be sought out. Abraham Lincoln commented on it years later. Near Independence, Missouri, in Clay County, a refugee Mormon community watched the meteor shower on the banks of the Missouri River after having been driven from their homes by local settlers. The founder and first leader of Mormonism, Joseph Smith, afterwards noted in his journal that this event was a literal fulfillment of the word of God and a sure sign that the coming of Christ was close at hand.

They are located in the constellation Leo. So is Regulus. Regulus is known as the "heart of the lion".

According to the chart on the Wiki, they peak on 11/17 for the next several years. 17 again.

Seems they had a big impact on the people in 1833. This almost seems to relate to what happened in Star Trek with Vulcan and the psychic cloud they go back in time to get to stop the war from breaking out. (read about this here)

More about the star Regulus
In Chinese it is known as 轩辕十四, the Fourteenth Star of Xuanyuan, the Yellow Emperor.
It was one of the fifteen Behenian stars known to medieval astrologers, associated with granite.
The Cleopatra's Needle in Paris is made of yellow granite and this looks like a stargate. So do all of these Ferris wheels being built around the world. Then you have Yellowstone, which is a volcano. The yellow brick road from the Wizard of Oz that leads to Emerald City where you realize OZ is not great and powerful at all, that he's just a man behind the curtain and you had everything you already needed inside you. Also consider that Marty in the Back to the Future movies gets triggered when he is called chicken and it makes him insecure and do dumb shit. In the 3rd movie, the word chicken changes to "yella" to fit with the old west vernacular. Then at the end, a guy he knows named "Needles" challenges him to a race and calls him a chicken. Having learned his lesson in the movie about not letting things like that get to him, Marty averts a total disaster that derailed his future self's life in the 2nd movie. So Marty didn't follow the Yellow Brick Road and averted disaster.

In relation to the Wizard of Oz story, both the Hopi Indians and the Bible speak of an "End Times" event that seem to look at the same thing just in opposite ways. The Bible says the Antichrist will set himself up in the 3rd temple and declare himself to be God. The Hopi say a god will take his mask off and be revealed to just be a man. So what are we to make of this? It sounds like completely opposite concepts. What if we're going to find out that WE are god, all of us, together. The 3rd temple doesn't have to be literally a temple. The temple refers to the human body in Christianity. When Jesus was mad and drove all the merchants out of the Temple for selling things and told them to get out of his Father's house, its a metaphor for driving out ones own inner merchants. This "god" we think of when we think of God, maybe its just a man behind a curtain.

We have the "Trump Prophecy" movie coming out on 10/02 and 10/04. 10/03 is the date "Trump" will text all of our phones to "test" out this new system for FEMA alerts. 10:04 is when lightning struck the Clock Tower in Back to the Future and caused the clock to stop working. Could this be a metaphor for time itself? I have said since I heard about this movie coming out that that movie will be the major catalyst to Trump calling himself God. Once that movie reaches the consciousness of millions of delusional "Christian" Trump supporters, there's no stopping that train. His supporters will have it locked in their heads that Trump's will = God's will and Trump will start to believe that too. Who knows how long this will take to go into full effect but the church thinks they are under threat of extinction and they feel backed into a corner due to all of the unnecessary fear mongering they have been subjected to for decades. I don't know what we are in store for exactly. But I do know that all signs point to November for some major event and I mean major for all of humanity. This could range from an assassination attempt on Trump that either succeeds or fails, a terrorist attack by "Isis". Some sort of major act or declaration of war by an ally on another country, contact with alien life or even the appearance of what will look like the Messiah.

One more thing to note. I came across this site where a man did a ridiculous amount of math to determine when the Messiah would come back in 2013 (I could not follow his method whatsoever but where he landed is pretty interesting either way) and the year he landed on was 2018 being the start of the 7 year tribulation period. 2018 also lines up with the Economist magazine from 1988 with a Phoenix on the cover speaking of a one world currency and strongly hinting at it being a Bitcoin like digital currency. The magazine said this would happen in 2018, 30 years from the year the magazine came out. You can read about determining the date here and the Economist prediction here, towards the bottom of that post.

2018 = 2 + 1 + 8 = 11

This person described King Solomon building the temple but not dedicating it to God until after 11 months and then having 14 days of celebration. The 11th month of the Jewish calendar is a 30 day month of winter ("Winter is coming").

The movie V for Vendetta was suppose to come out on 11/4/2005, which was the day before the 400th anniversary of Guy Fawkes day. For some reason, the movie got delayed to an official release date of 3/17/2005 (17 again).

Ronald Reagan, who has a ridiculous amount of similarities and mirror differences with Trump, was elected president on 11/4/1980 and an attempt on his life was made on 3/30/1981.
30 - 17 = 13, there's "Mother" again.
Regulus was eclipsed by 163 Erigone on 3/20
20 + 13 = 33. 33 is the number of Christ consciousness
The man who did all the math speaking about the date of the Messiah's return, put a lot of emphasis on 1980 years (1980 just so happens to be the year Reagan was elected president) since the death of Jesus in 33AD. 1980 + 33 = 2013 and we come to 13 again. 13 & 17 like the locusts associated with the god without a mother who live and die and just to become foods for the birds (You can read about this here). Which Revelation 19:17-21 actually speaks about too, a feast for the birds dining on the bodies of the dead after the battle of Armageddon. So maybe those ARE the locusts the Bible was speaking about that come out of the pit.

The Bible repeatedly says that no one will know the day and the hour Jesus is suppose to come back and the "Little Baron Trump" book says that no one knows for certain the date of his death. Combine that with the tombstone that was placed in Central Park on Easter Sunday 2016 with only a birth date and no death date, and maybe these 2 things are correlated.

As doubting Thomases seem to take particular pleasure in popping up on all occasions, Jack-in-the-Box-like, it may be well to head them off in this particular instance by proving that Baron Trump was a real baron, and not a mere baron of the mind. The family was originally French Huguenot — De la Trompe — which, upon the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685, took refuge in Holland, where its head assumed the name of Van der Troomp, just as many other of the French Protestants rendered their names into Dutch. Some years later, upon the invitation of the Elector of Brandenburg, Niklas Van der Troomp became a subject of that prince, and purchased a large estate in the province of Pomerania, again changing his name, this time to Von Troomp.
The “Little Baron,” so called from his diminutive stature, was born some time in the latter part of the seventeenth century. He was the last of his race in the direct line, although cousins of his are to-day well-known Pomeranian gentry. He began his travels at an incredibly early age, and filled his castle with such strange objects picked up here and there in the far away corners of the world, that the simple-minded peasantry came to look upon him as half bigwig and half magician —hence the growth of the many myths and fanciful stories concerning this indefatigable "globe-trotter". The date of his death cannot be fixed with any certainty ; but this much may be said :
Among the portraits of Pomeranian notables hanging in the Rathhausat Stettin, there is one picturing a man of low stature, and with a head much too large for his body. He is dressed in some outlandish costume, and holds in his left hand a grotesque image in ivory, most elaborately carved. The broad face is full of intelligence, and the large gray eyes are lighted up with a good natured but quizzical look that invariably attracts attention. The man's right hand rests upon the back of a dog sitting on a table and looking straight out with an air of dignity that shows that he knew he was sitting for his portrait.
If a visitor asks the guide who this man is, he always gets for answer:
“ Oh, that’s the Little Baron!”
But little Baron who, that’s the question ? Why may it not be the famous Wilhelm Heinrich Sebastian von Troomp, commonly called “ Little Baron Trump,” and his wonderful dog Bulger?


So in conclusion, I am not sure if this 11/14 (5) date is actually November 14th or (5th) or if this relates to the Jewish calendar and it correlates to Passover (which relates to Easter and the death and resurrection of Christ and is on 4/20 next year and is 3 years after the tombstone showed up in Central Park). Maybe Trump gets assassinated and then Jesus comes back in the form of humanity raising its collective consciousness level. Trump representing the pure ego of man, the animalistic side of us (The Beast). Crucifying him representing the crucifixion of humanities ego which is what allows us to ascend to higher consciousness levels further away from the lower animal self. Unfortunately this is what I have feared this entire Trump thing was about in the first place, collectively ridding humanity of people like Trump, his supporters as well. Trump and Q are the Pied Pipers leading them to their deaths. They will do whatever they are told and they are eventually going to be lead off of a cliff to die like the locusts so the birds can have a feast. I wish I could do more to make them see this but every time I have tried to talk to them, I may have just made things worse. They have truly been sent the powerful delusion spoken about in 2 Thessalonians 2.

For the continuation of this idea and the very big significance of the 11/14 date, go here.
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Non-Psychic, Wild-Guess Predictions for 2015

The current top post on failed psychic predictions of 2014 gave me an idea: since we are just as likely to be successful in our predictions (in fact, I'd argue we have a better chance simply through sheer cynicism), why not put together a bunch of skeptical predictions for 2015 and see how we do by comparison?
It won't prove anything of course, but it would be amusing if overall we turned out to be more accurate than the self-proclaimed "legitimate psychics".
Be as specific or general as you like, but remember that specific predictions are always more impressive when they hit, and no one will remember your misses.
To show willing, I'll start off with a handful of my own for your amusement and/or ridicule. The categories are arbitrary and should not be seen as a limiting factor for your own submissions.
Without further ado...

ramblingnonsense's Non-Psychic Predictions for 2015

World events

  1. Edward Snowden will leave Russia briefly, prompting lots of speculation about his location and whether he's been taken into US custody. He will return to Russian unharmed. The purpose of his excursion will not be revealed, but it will be generally assumed he was meeting family.
  2. ISIS will lose more territory, but the brutality of their individual acts will increase. Truly horrible things (worse than the beheadings) will be filmed and broadcast to the world, prompting universal outrage and condemnation, even by some of its own members.
  3. Europeans and others attempting to return home after fighting for ISIS or other terror groups will be denied re-entry to their home countries. This will result in a new group of stateless people and an international civil rights debate. There will be accusations that nations are simply revoking citizenship of "undesirables", regardless of their affiliation with terrorism.
  4. Random hostage events like the the one currently happening in Sydney will occur several more times in Western nations. It will be harder to tie them to a central organization as radicals increasingly and independently undertake copy-cat attacks.
  5. Multiple non-binding UN resolutions will be brought against the USA for everything from human rights infringements to the spying debacle. No actual action will be taken.
  6. Israel will continue to harden its line against the Palestinians with no end in sight. No actual invasion this year, though.
  7. The tide will turn against Ebola in Africa this year as a vaccine becomes viable and is accelerated through the testing process. Unfortunately, actually getting the vaccine distributed will be difficult, as distrust of Western doctors continues to fill the affected areas. There will be a few more sporadic cases outside of Africa but no recorded cases of human transmission outside the worst-hit regions.


  1. Outbreaks of disease previously squelched by vaccination will finally prompt a backlash against "philosophical exemptions" and other such nonsense, but not much progress will be made due to political deadlock at the state and federal level.
  2. Speaking of deadlock, the new congress will (against all odds) manage to be less even productive than the current one, passing almost nothing for the entire year. The US government will teeter on the edge of shutdown almost monthly due to radical rightwing politicians in the House. Ratings agencies will threaten to download the US's credit rating again as the majority party attempts to extract more and more concessions on every passed bill.
  3. A prominent anti-gay US political figure will become embroiled in a sex scandal. He will be pressured to resign his position, but will refuse after attending a pray-the-gay-away program and claiming to be "cured". Accusations of bigotry will fly not at him, but at those who urged him to resign.
  4. Lawsuits over fracking and environmental damage will multiply. Extraction companies will pull out of some areas due to the the dropping/stagnation of oil prices, but this will be blamed on anti-fracking lawsuits. Bills will be proposed at the state and federal level to prevent and/or complicate lawsuits against fracking operations.
  5. US environmental initiatives will go nowhere as their funding is yanked.


  1. Bethesda Studio's next major release (almost certainly Fallout 4) will be announced, along with an abandonment of the Creation engine. Speculation will run rampant about whether or not the game will be moddable as their past games were.
  2. SpaceX will suffer a major catastrophic malfunction resulting in loss of equipment, but not life. Their response to this will only increase their credibility, however, as the investigation is made entirely under the public eye.
  3. Bitcoin will see a huge boost in usage and value in the first quarter. This will necessitate a change in the algorithm to allow for more transactions per second. Unfortunately this change will not be a smooth one, as large mining operations will be slow to upgrade and fears of a blockchain fork run rampant. After a brief crash, the value will regain its first-quarter levels and continue slowly rising over the rest of the year.
  4. The inner workings of the Stingray cell tower spoofer will finally be revealed in court. This will not change how it is used, but it will become clear to even the dullest criminal that cell phones cannot be trusted as secure devices.
  5. Virtual Reality will finally live up to the hype it generated in the 1990s, thanks to the release of several affordable VR devices and oddball things like Google Cardboard.
  6. Apple will release an enormous iPad tablet. The big selling point will be split-screen multitasking. The tech world will yawn, but the consumer market will go ice cold thick banana whips over things like being able to drag-and-drop photos into Facebook. A retina-display Macbook Air will also be announced. The iWatch will be a moderate hit, but will compare unfavorably to similar devices running Android.
  7. Microsoft will release Windows 10 in early October. Uptake will be slow, but faster than it was for Windows 8. Businesses, however, will continue to rely on Windows 7.
  8. Google will be largely focused inward and have a fairly quiet year. A point release for Android L will make its way out, but the changes will be incremental.
  9. Neither Apple nor Google will waver on their device encryption stance. Various spy agencies world-wide will make increasingly improbably claims about how dangerous encryption is.
  10. New Horizons will send back lots of awesome pictures of Pluto and Charon, despite a transmission problem that slightly reduces its bandwidth and an antenna-aiming mishap. There will be a peculiar object or feature visible near the terminator on Pluto that defies our understanding of planetary formation. Explanations will range from extraterrestrials to secret bases built by Atlantis, but ultimately it will be determined to be one of the largest geological features in the solar system, formed by processes not yet understood.
  11. The site that eventually kills Reddit will make its first appearance this year, but won't actually start to make waves until well into 2016.


  1. Another hack of celebrity nudes on the order of "the Fappening" will occur, but the media response will be quite different. It will become clear the leaks were facilitated by poor individual security, rather than being the fault of "the cloud". A minor backlash against "the cloud" will nevertheless ensue, as everyone goes and turns off their auto-backups.
  2. Noodle bars. Noodle bars everywhere.
  3. Jerry Lewis will survive the year.
  4. A previously unknown musician on Soundcloud will suddenly be noticed and the ensuing viral media storm will elevate them to being a household name. This same process will be repeated for another artist later in the year, but it will be revealed as a record studio campaign attempting to recreate the previous artist's success. This will result in a predicable (but dramatic) PR backfire.
Well, that's it. Sorry if a lot of these seem like downers, I don't have much faith in humanity just at the moment. Know the awesome thing, though? Your predictions are just as good as mine! Don't like 'em? Do better! I want to hear your predictions, so post away!
Let's show those psychics what for!
Edit: Added a prediction about Ebola that I forgot to put in the first time.
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Psychic Predictions For 2018 2019 Bitcoin prediction BITCOIN - psychic prediction / astrology BITCOIN prediction 2023: WHAT VALUE? bitcoin price prediction 2025 - YouTube Aries Full Moon - Crypto Astrology - Bitcoin Prediction OVERVIEW

In my book 2020 Prophecies and Predictions, I predicted a flu-like virus like the Spanish Flu of 1917-1918 would spread around the world. My book was published on Amazon on January 1, 2020 before the Coronavirus hit Wuhan, China at the end of January 2020. Millions of people worldwide will be infected and thousands of people will die before the virus fades away in mid to late 2021 ... Home / Psychic Predictions / 2019 Predictions. 2019 Predictions. Jean Jordan Psychic Predictions 851 Views *Wild Stock Market fluctuations are in store. *Continued drilling for oil on Sacred Lands in the United States will continue, causing sinkholes and increased activity from volcanoes. This could be a sign from Mother Earth to stop destroying her resources. Anger and violence will break out ... No coin will replace Bitcoin’s position on Coin Market Cap in the near future (2-5 years out). TenX — it will do well when more merchants accept their card (works like a debit card) Bitcoin price rebound above 10,000 by end of 2019. The US will build its first two reactors in the Persian Gulf Kingdom. Bicycle repair will boom in 2019 due to bike commuting popularity, and one of the list of ... Bitcoin is way more portable and way more divisible. At a $300 bln market cap, it’s certainly seen a lot of price appreciation, but gold is at $6 tln and if Bitcoin disrupting gold is true and it plays out … then you can see 10 to 20 times appreciation because there is a significant delta still.” – Past Bitcoin Price Predictions (2020 ... Bitcoin price forecast at the end of the month $14114, change for October 31.5%. BTC to USD predictions for November 2020. In the beginning price at 14114 Dollars. Maximum price $17127, minimum price $13454. The average for the month $15005. Bitcoin price forecast at the end of the month $15323, change for November 8.6%.

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Psychic Predictions For 2018 2019 Bitcoin prediction

As far as I know I am the only psychic who was actually IN the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space, buying coins and making videos back in 2016, and I was actually very late to the game as I had ... Hi there, Thanks for tuning in: Quick note: I said 2003 – 2004 about Bitcoin lasting….I meant 2023 – 2024 - Sorry for the funny wording ….. Disclaimer If your child is born on this date ... 2016 Bitcoin Predictions - Bloomberg Markets ... Bitcoin: Why Richard Branson, Bill Gates Support the Currency - Duration: 5:48. Bloomberg 69,169 views. 5:48. Strange answers to the psychopath ... please donate dogecoin DLKhJHr94MSUXaiKGubqy8c2abjoJnLrfS btc 1otBpwZF15rcAAybUnSPojd4PFqDcUhri bitcoin cash qrpye5k4tms4pkzh50u6t6qdc4mgj9kvn5vw7yxzmu digib... Psychic Predictions For 2018 2019. "A massive Bitcoin fraud will be uncovered and thwarted that funds terrorism and war. A well-known American company will b...