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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: IGOT IGOT.com have changed their name to BITLIO https://www.bitlio.com/ #bitcoin #btc #scams /r/Scams

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Igot: Bitcoin investors 'owed thousands of dollars' by struggling Australian exchange /r/australia

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How igot.com scammed me.

Edit: they are still functioning and they replied to me. but dont know what causing delys. I just hope they pay me my 40000₹ at least. I will update my post once they send it.
Edit: after editing my post now they disappeared again. and im still waiting for my money.
Edit: today on 10 febuary 2016, they procced my request of 40000 inr which was requsted on november 26 2015.
Im 100% sure that company is indian.
My customer id: 44744346 I have more than 1500$ (Nearly 150000 inr) with them and i just requested 500$ (40000 inr) but even after two months they sent me nothing. So i wrote reddit post against them. And then they replied to me that if i want my money then i must delete my reddit post first. I had no other option so i did that. But even after two weeks they didnt send my money or reply to tickets. I request you all to never invest in igot.com . You better sell your coins directly with localbitcoins or invest somewhere else. And if you still think that you have lots of money and you dont care about scams then better you donate that money to charity.
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11-07 20:14 - 'see MKR made about a 30% rise over the last few days. What do ya rekon? Got legs?' by /u/CantBelieveIGotThis removed from /r/Bitcoin within 83-93min

see MKR made about a 30% rise over the last few days. What do ya rekon? Got legs?
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Australian Exchange IGOT A SCAM? 28 days withdrawal and still counting...


Have anyone face this problem with Australian Exchange known as IGOT? I have sold my bitcoin there and request for fiat withdrawal on May 02 2015 and I haven't yet received my money until now?
Is this IGOT a scam? has anyone use this exchange and face this problem?
your experience with them is much appreciated
Regards SH
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IGOT possible ponzi scheme with delay payment up to 2 month and counting....

www.igot.com have announce that their wallet have being upgrade successfully but until today many people have not yet receive their bitcoin and cash withdrawal, I urge the public to be careful on using their services.
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iGOT is not trustworthy. If you deposit, you will lose your money.

There is SO many fragmented posts in here it is getting a little ridiculous. iGOT is a scam. They might not have intended to be, but they are running a platform that is VERY unstable, and you WILL lose your money if you deposit. Please do a google, bitcointalk, or reddit search before considering trusting them with your business. You WILL be asking, and begging for your money back. They WILL tell you they are having withdraw issues. You WILL have to email them about 50 times, and after a few months, they MIGHT refund you. There is over 10 people on here that have lost BIG money to them. Do not deposit to their platform, or you will lose your money. dan_igot - sup buddy, there's a lot of people out money, anything to say to them? https://www.reddit.com/BitcoinMarkets/comments/3e5i31/igot_withdrawal_delay_up_to_2_months_and_counting/ https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/3eyg5l/robbed_by_igot/
Now I ask, because if you search a number of bitcoin terms, WHY are directories and news outlets still linking to these guys in press releases. You are benefiting their SEO. They might have paid you for a PR, but it is time to remove the links and publish a story about the people who are missing their money.
Edit: I imagine the downvotes are alright with people getting fucked for their money? Does anyone in here care about letting people know an exchange is literally stealing people's money, or just leave it until the next new comer loses 10 grand?
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Small giveaway for Friday September 5th, 2014[1/10 oz Silver Round]

EDIT 3: A thank you to everyone who participated. =) I will post the next giveaway on peercoin within the next 24 hrs.
EDIT 2: The 5 Winners are(PM me your crypto and home address):
Hey Silver Stackers,
I’m doing a small giveaway here at silverbug on Friday September 5th, 2014. I love both silver and crypto currencies, so I thought I would do a little giveaway to help promote both.
Prizes Awarded: There will be 5 winners. Each winner will receive the following:
Deadline: Friday Sept 5th, 2014 at 9 pm Eastern/8 pm Central time.
Date/Time of Drawing: Friday, September 5th, 2014 at 9:30 pm Eastern, 8:30 pm Central time.
Rules: Just subscribe to 3 of the following 5 sub-reddits(including silverbugs): peercoin, litecoin, dogecoin, bitcoin and if you are not familiar with silver at all, click the silverbugs subscribe button to your right. Afterwards, comment/post here what 3 sub-reddits you have subscribed to. That’s it. Earn 2 entries instead of 1, if you screen cap and provide proof. 2 entries MAX per person.
The Winners will be be decided by: http://www.random.org/lists/
Check back here updates. All winners will be posted here on this thread. *ALL WINNER’S MUST PM ME YOUR ADDRESS FOR SHIPPING SILVER ROUND AND WALLET ADDRESSES FOR SENDING THE CRYPTO-CURRENCIES. * All shipments will be shipped via USPS first class mail. Will only shipped to persons living within the USA and or USA Territories. All packages will be shipped out next business day. I am not responsible for any lost or stolen packages.
NOTE: I will also be doing a 0.01 Litecoin giveaway to the first 25 people who comment, Sept 1st-4th (Mon-Thurs). All you will have to do is post a comment about silver. Check back regularly on each of those days for the new 0.01 Litecoin giveaway post on silverbugs. I will NOT be doing the 0.01 LTC giveaway here on this post. I will be doing the 0.01 giveaways at around 6-7 pm Eastern time.
I plan to have 4 more giveaways during the next four weeks(after this giveaway). The dates are:
I will post details/updates to those giveaways in the days and weeks to ahead.
Silverbugs fuckin rocks. Lookin at the pictures and stories ppl post on here will MAKE you become a silver stacker. You can learn a lot about silver just by browsing this sub. So please go ahead and take a look. Collecting silver is addictive. ;)
Good luck!
UPDATE: Please Verify that your name has been added. Your name may not get added by mistake. If I don't post your name right away its only because I'm away from my computer or at work. I will post asap and on an daily and or hourly basis when I can. Thx!
Current Entrants:
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IGOT Scam continue with list of VICTIM.

This topic resume with the post below where many people money being stuck in www.igot.com
-------- All victim update 11 June 2015 -----------
1) shtan (Received withdrawal)
2) didigotscam
3) sh000t (10 btc Pending)
4) horics (37k Pending 2 Month)
5) pissedoffwithigot
6) nickgoh (Received bitcoin)
7) winnie_pool (Received withdrawal)
8) teboh (48K Pending 6 weeks)
9) balls_deeep
10) caml (Received Bitcoin)
11) selper
12) GuSSniper ($3,5K NZD and 1,5BTC)
13) lhouket (20.84193742 BTC)
14) igot_user_03773356 (USD16K Pending 50 Days)
15) PriGeo (AUD 4.6K)
Many Victim have not being paid that is including me, any more victim that have bitcoin and money that get stuck in igot you are welcome to post here.
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Is IGOT insolvent?

After weeks of waiting and endless broken promises IGOT still haven't paid out withdrawals that people have been waiting on. It's now been over a week since their broken update would be fixed imminently
Their excuse has been that they've been "testing" new code. Why this is holding up their production server is beyond me. Not sure how it has limited their own access to the coins they hold either since they can't even process these withdrawals manually. The excuses just don't really make sense.
They have offered me a "solution" which is to sell the coins that i'm trying to withdraw and and then withdraw as fiat (which also includes paying their service fee again...). Which doesn't make sense anyway since they are also having issues with their banks and have been unable to process those withdrawals too.
Either it is an outright scam, or they're just laughably incompetent.
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Warning to other users about igot!

I have been using igot for over a year now just trading. I traded up to a considerable amount, and when it came time to withdraw they came up with every excuse under the sun not to pay out!
It has been more than 2 months, with them barley responding to my messages. One of their few responses they had basically tried to blackmail me - saying if I pay additional fees they'll payout sooner. I can't even withdraw using bitcoins because my funds are tied up the wihdrawal.
I just wanted to warn all reddit users, who are considering igot as their trading exchange. Do not deposit money in this exchange because you'll never get it back!!
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[Unofficial] Website Update‏

I've held off on post this for as long as I could, but the events of the last 24 hours have pushed me over the edge on this one.
First, a little background. As u/a432511 hinted in his earlier post, I've been pushing him pretty hard to get vertcoin.org looking somewhere near professional. I started by expressing my concerns last Thursday in this post: If I were to write vertcoin.org.....[LONG POST WARNING!]
In response to this post, I was invited to "mock something up with a little more detail and some copy", so I initially submitted some draft content for a couple of pages. Then, over the weekend I got chatting to u/sncs, and we decided to mock up an alternative version of vertcoin.org. That version can be found at http://new-vtc.cryptomasters.net . I shared this with u/a432511 on Sunday so that he could continue to pull content from it. Now I feel I need to share it here with the community to highlight quite a few issues with the official website, and what we've done to address them in our version:
Issues with official website which are remedied in our version:
Home Page: Scrolls on forever. I was always under the impression that, if you're going to use sub-pages for additional content, they should be used. I can see no good reason for the "Learn More" button to scroll visitors down the page. Our version of the home page has no content below the fold.
While we're on the subject of buttons, our version of the home page has buttons for "What is Vertcoin?" and "Stealth Addresses", both of which throw up the relevant videos in a new window (there's also a link in the SX header which does the same). I know there was an opinion expressed earlier that the "What is Vertcoin" vid is a little outdated, but I say unless/until an updated version is available, links for these two videos both belong prominently on our homepage. They should not be omitted, or tucked away on a subpage.
Get Started: Our version of this page contains the wallets and some basic do's and don'ts, which I think are a worthwhile addition to make the site more welcoming to newbies. This page could also do with a video tutorial, similar (though less long-winded) to this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_Bq_9CAZ5k
Why Vertcoin?: This page simply doesn't exist on the official site, but it's a fundamental question that we should be addressing for any visitors that are new to this coin (or crypto in general).
Use Vertcoin: This page doesn't yet exist on the official site either. Our version has this split into separate sub-pages for Business and Individuals. The official website makes no effort to sell the utility of this coin. The fact that there's not even a merchants page yet (yes, a link to a Merchant Monday post on reddit is STILL about as good as it gets on the official site) is inexcusable.
Buy/Trade: This page was based on the original "Invest" page, with one important difference; we direct new users to a fiat>>>BTC exchange that is open to more than just US residents (https://www.igot.com). Also, I think it's important to suggest to new users that they should try to make a direct fiat to VTC purchase. Our version does this, whilst acknowledging that it may not be possible if the user lives in the wrong location.
The content of this page has been moved to "Get Started" on the official site, but it still sends new users to coinbase by default. These are global currencies we're dealing with here, so if we're going to attract Vertcoin buyers globally, coinbase is just not the most appropriate exchange to be recommending.
Mining: This is the big one. We've just had nearly 2K VTC of the marketing budget spanked on an advertising campaign to bring more miners to our website. The ad is now live on coinwarz.com. Leaving aside the argument about whether or not advertising to miners was the best use of the budget, there is a much more basic flaw to this advertising strategy. On the official site - the one that our coinwarz ad points to - THERE IS NOT A SINGLE MINING POOL listed on our site. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of p2pool, and you'll notice the p2pool map takes pride of place on our version of this page. But to advertise to miners, and then not have a simple list of pools is again inexcusable.
Hypothetically speaking, if our version were ever to go live, there would be the following "to do" list for it (that I know of):
Content: The plain text pages on our site would need sprucing up with some images/graphics to make them more visually appealing. Please keep in mind that in the first instance this alternative site was produced to provide copy. We'd definitely want to add a video tutorial for the wallet to the "Get Started" page sooner rather than later too. Also, for the purposes of our mock up, the pool list on the mining page is just a text list. This would need to be set up to pull data for auto updates, similar to the way the list on http://vertcoin.com used to work.
Mobile Version: We'd need to do some minor work to make the site work properly on mobile devices, and resolve some scaling issues on smaller screens.
Extra pages: We didn't put the Blog page on our site, or any social media. I'd maybe suggest a catch all page for this called "Communication", or something similar? Also, If I'd had more time to write content, I'd have taken a stab at writing something like https://bitcoin.org/en/faq.
Other than that, I believe it would be relatively trivial to get our version live.
It's regrettable that I've had to write this post. Please understand that there is no agenda in doing this to undermine or mock a423511 in any way. I can see he's been trying his best. I am purely motivated to do everything I can to help make our official site as good as it possibly can be. Again, hypothetically, if he did want to use our site, we'd be happy to hand it over wholesale and leave future editing/content in his hands.
Any feedback on the alternative version of the site we created is most welcome. A special thanks to u/sncs for his hard work creating it!
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waiting for IGOT.COM withdrawal of 21 BTC since 15th nov. No response to support ticket. Tired...

I've previously had issues without IGOT over the same thing. See following thread:
Once again IGOT strikes with its awful customer service only this time it doesn't even exist. Since opening a support ticket 3 weeks after the money didn't show up in my account I have had no response what so ever. So thats about 3 weeks with an unanswered support ticket. Numerous emails that just get autoreplied asking me to open a support ticket. Thanks a bunch!
Simply avoid them if you value your sanity! There is no way I would ever recommend using IGOT after such shabby service. Rick Day, a feedback of cosmic karma is heading your way.
Ok I've just found this article.
It could be I got GOX'ed.
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Bitcoin trading in Australia

Hey reddit,
Just curious on what market I should be going with to purchase Bitcoins in Australia these days, there are a few choices and I, as with anyone, want the best price. I also don't want to deposit money into some scam site and lose it all.
Any assistance would be great, below is a list of the markets I'm aware of;
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iGot is done with their "upgrade" and tx's should be back to normal

Cross post from /Bitcoin http://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/3awex0/igot_has_posted_an_update_that_their_upgrade_is/
Source https://twitter.com/igotcom/status/613504563681718272
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The truth about Igot.com and Rick Day

I have opened an account with Igot.com more than one year ago in the UAE after hearing about them in the national (local paper) through Vignesh Raja who was managing their PR in the UAE. They claimed to be locally based in the UAE and had a local bank account. I deposited smaller amounts first until depositing a total of 16k USD within the same month.
I kept trading for a whole year -or perhaps so I thought- and had circa 10 USD remaining which I opted to withdraw on October 26th 2015.
Since I sent my request I have discovered the following:
A. Communication: The only way to reach Igot is through a support ticket after logging into your account or through emailing Igot or 'rick day', and they usually redirect you back to the support ticket. The only catch here is that their response to either tickets or emails is sporadic and basically just promises which are unfulfilled.
B. Legal info regarding Igot and their affiliation with Australia: while Igot claims to operate in many countries including UAE, and also claim to be Australian , they used to have an entity in Australia which was affiliated with Igot brand historically back in March 2015, but no longer is, more info on that can be found here: http://abncheck.com.au/abn/66160051990 ,
furthermore, their India affiliate which has Anshuman Dayma -AKA 'Ansh' as referred to on the Igot.com website- as one of the directors is called Igot Tech Solutions, more info on them can be found here: https://www.zaubacorp.com/company/IGOT-TECH-SOLUTIONS-PRIVATE-LIMITED/U72900KA2012PTC061947
In their terms and conditions they refer to Beaumont Ventures who is based in Hong Kong, and has the following bank account Bank in HK: Bank Name Hang Seng Bank Account Name Beaumont Ventures Limited Account Number 288-570856-883 Branch Hong Kong City Hong Kong Swift code HASEHKHH Beneficiary Address Suite 1101, 11/F, Supreme House 2A, Hart Avenue, TST, Kowloon, HongKong Bank Email [email protected] Bank Phone 0420392214
More details on their legal structure and to know more you can follow this link:
C. Igot Team: One year ago the Igot team had several other people, including 'Dan' who was in charge of their social media communication. now it's only "Rick Day" and "Ansh". Both are brothers and their real names are "Raghav Dayma" and "Anshuman Dayma".
D. Igot has informed me that they have closed their UAE bank account and do not seem very bothered that I'm upset that my withdrawal has exceeded 2 months, or that I am raising this matter to the authorities.
E. So what can you do when Igot does not honor your withdrawal requst?
Here are a few ideas:
  1. Social Media: Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and make sure you tell all the people Igot are following on twitter about your experience, a lot of them are possibly potential investors who will be more than interested to know about how 'Rick' is not honoring his agreements
  2. Your local newspapers and media, in the case of the UAE, I did a search over all the media channels they used for advertisement and told them about my story, usually they would like to know if they were unknowingly advertising for a potentially questionable business. It's also important to note all the spokes people they used be it direct employees or PR because when you raise a case later, if you do need to, they will be accomplices in advertising false information, regardless of the terms mentioned on Igot's website.
  3. Talk to your local authorities, this includes financial regulators, licensing authorities, consumer protection and central banks. Once you're done with that you can move on to the other countries where Igot is operating and share your experience.
  4. Talk to the Australian authorities including ACORN who are in charge of monitoring Cyber Fraud, here are a few links:
http://www.acorn.gov.au/ (Make sure you mention Rick Day, and his real name, as well as Ansh and his real name in your report, you can always refer to their Australian entity.
http://cybercellmumbai.gov.in/ Make sure you mention Igot technologies and you can get all needed info from the link above
https://www.centralbank.go.ke/ Complain to the central bank in Kenya who is currently investigating the legitimacy of bitcoin companies such as Tagpesa who was recently acquired by Igot
http://www.mas.gov.sg/contact-information.aspx Monetary authority in Singapore, their entity there is : igot Singapore 51 Goldhill Plaza Singapore 308900 Singapore
As for the location where Rick Day is currently based, you can report him to the following authorities:
http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx FBI Internet crime investigation
F. After demanding from 'Rick' to return my money, I was blocked from their twitter account.
I will post other ways to report Igot soon. I already informed Igot that I will be taking action against them, because I really worked hard for my money and will not sit around with my fingers crossed hoping they have a change of heart.
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03-10 23:32 - 'Breaking: Mark Zuckerberg quietly just got his BTC ETF approved by the SEC' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/IGotDibsOnTop removed from /r/Bitcoin within 26-31min

(No he didn't. This is a shit post.)
Breaking: Mark Zuckerberg quietly just got his BTC ETF approved by the SEC
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06-20 22:12 - '$10k reward if you can get my 15 bitcoins back.' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/nugget_alex removed from /r/Bitcoin within 726-736min

I am owed 15 bitcoins by Igot.com, who have now relaunched as Bitlio.com. I had three pending withdrawals with Igot.com but they never paid up and have locked my account. The 'owner' Rick Day has fallen off the face of the planet. I have his phone number, his brothers, and his dads. They hide out in India mostly from what I can gather. None of them answer my calls anymore. The terms have been updated to be based in Hong Kong so it is hard to fight them from a legal standpoint in countries like Australia. Every government agency has given me the run around and just pass the buck. So here I am offering $10k reward for any lawyer who will take the case or anyone who can get my bitcoins back. Any info on Rick Day, Anshuman Dayma, Vijay Dayma would be greatly appreciated. Stop these crooks who continue to scam people to this day. Cheers guys. EDIT: PS I don't want anyone getting hurt, just want my coins back :) More info @ [link]1
$10k reward if you can get my 15 bitcoins back.
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Author: nugget_alex
1: *ww.**otn*co*n.com/hom**html
Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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01-01 08:02 - 'BTC 1G before EOY?' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/IGotDibsOnTop removed from /r/Bitcoin within 1772-1777min

BTC 1G before EOY?
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04-13 20:56 - 'What most likely happened with Igot.com and Rick Day' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/Mirrorcrax removed from /r/Bitcoin within 647-652min

We can assume one of two scenarios with Igot.com, but cannot confirm neither for now: 1. Igot was created as a money making scam from day 1, based on the following information: 1.1 Igot.com has made false claims regarding being "local" and has advertised being the biggest "Australian bitcoin exchange", while Bitcoin was not regulated or recognized in most of the countries where it operated, and it wasn't recognized as a "bitcoin exchange" in Australia either! 1.2 Igot.com does not publish any phone numbers, or identifable and staffed office locations 1.3 Founder "Rick Day" has changed his name from "Raghav Dayma" and is using his brother's nick name "Ansh" in a manner which implies they're attempting to hide their ethnicity and country of birth, especially when no reference is made to India in any way 1.4 The dispute resolution process -as per their terms and conditions- is litigation in Hong Kong with no trial by jury or class action, which is a catch 22 for people with small investments who are unable to reach for lawyers in Hong Kong 1.5 There is information online on other Indian entities founded by "Rick Day" and his family with suspicious operations (Fake Rolex business) 1.6 Igot.com staff have reduced significantly and their staff shrunk to two brothers with limited to no support to customers on social media or through tickets 1.7 Igot.com have replied to clients via support ticket or direct email with several promises of payment which weren't fulfilled 1.8 Rick Day has confirmed to many clients that he is unable to directly settle their debts at this time. 1.9 No audit reports or statements from regulators or accreditation bodies has been posted to vouch for the sound financial position of Igot.com as "Rick Day" has claimed 1.10 A Winding up notice has been served from Digital X in Australia against 13TH PTY which is one of Igot's Australian entities for not paying their 180K AUD. Digital X used to be a mining company which provides exchanges with bitcoin and retail solutions. SO most likely Igot.com got some bitcoins from them but not enough to account for all the purchases made by clients. A statement which Jessie Chenard's statement to ABC supports.
The Other scenario is that Igot.com is a poorly run business by an Indian born national who changed his name to avoid any prejudice against him and tried to attract investors from the US to acquire liquidity after having his accounts closed in various countries due to his poor protection and Anti-Money Laundering processes. And because Rick assumingly loved Igot so much he wanted to protect it from being heralded as a failure back in early 2015 following his claims of DDOS attacks and bank account closures. Rick probably ran to Kenya and the US to secure funds to start paying clients and getting bitcoin reserves and negotiated with banks to unfreeze his accounts. Nonetheless, even if this scenario was true, his poor service, lack of transparency and withholding people's money for up to 9 months is inexcusable when the justification is nothing but arrogance or denial.
For more info visit [link]1
What most likely happened with Igot.com and Rick Day
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Author: Mirrorcrax
1: www.igotnocoin.com
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IGOT scammed buy IGOT.com

Warning about getting fucked around with IGOT.
have a read over here http://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/2oqah6/igot_scammed_buy_igotcom/
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Bitcoin Halving 2020: History & Price Prediction (A Simple ... You Have No Idea How High Bitcoin Can Climb. I’m Bullish ... Ethereum Just Got a MASSIVE Boost Forward as Reddit's Cryptocurrency Launch CONFIRMED!! And it's gone (original) - YouTube Crypto Mike - YouTube

Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics. A large percentage of Bitcoin enthusiasts are libertarians, though people of all ... Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics. A large percentage of Bitcoin ... The u/Igor_bitcoin community on Reddit. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics. A large percentage of Bitcoin enthusiasts are libertarians, though people of all ... Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics. A large percentage of Bitcoin enthusiasts are libertarians, though people of all ...

[index] [16085] [27118] [18032] [452] [986] [27045] [8975] [6036] [45200] [50123]

Bitcoin Halving 2020: History & Price Prediction (A Simple ...

In this video, I will be testing out another one of these apps that claims to pay you to walk. Last time I tested this out, I tried an app called Sweatcoin a... This is a simple explanation of the bitcoin halving event that will happen in May of 2020. ♦ Receive $10 of FREE BITCOIN when you use this link to sign up fo... Squarespace link: Visit http://squarespace.com/techquickie and use offer code TECHQUICKIE to save 10% off your first order. Why did Bitcoin's value crash aft... www.southparkstudios.com A clip from the South Park episode Margaritaville; season 13 episode 3. Hey guys this is a channel where we discuss cryptocurrencies, precious metals, the rich-mindset lifestyle, and life in general. Hit the subscribe button, giv...