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Why I don't bother reading Moldbug

-If you can't explain an idea in a short and comprehensible manner, it's generally not a very good idea, or you don't really understand it yourself. Rather, you're now engaged in writing for the purpose of entertaining your audience and/or helping them feel intelligent.
What I like about this statement is that it's ambiguous. Specifically, it's an Empsonian ambiguity of the second or perhaps third type (I've never quite understood the difference).
He's not telling you anything useful here. Rather, he's trying to convince you of his opinions by proving to you how smart he is. You'll encounter this a lot when reading social scientists and philosophers.
When I read Moldbug's 100 page defense of the idea that Richard Dawkins is really just a Christian, I'm wasting my time. You'll learn a lot more by skimming 100 Wikipedia pages, than spending the same amount of time reading a single work by a single author. It won't allow you entrance into some cool internet subculture, it won't look good on your CV and it won't impress your peers, but you'll learn a lot more. That goes for me as well. If whatever I write bores you, it's because it doesn't tell you anything new, and so you might be better off doing something else.
-The best thing you could do to improve your life would be to do the exact opposite of whatever Moldbug recommends you to do.
Example: Here is Moldbug in January 2013 telling people that the US government will ban Bitcoin, which will cause its price to drop to 0.
If you had gone ahead and invested all your life savings into Bitcoin, you would have seen a 50-fold increase in value by now. Here we have Moldbug investigating something new and promising, and through cynicism and smugness arriving at the worst possible conclusion.
-Yes, it's perfectly possible to provide a synopsis of your ideas.
It's always possible to provide a synopsis. When people refuse to provide a synopsis, they're afraid of someone scrutinizing their ideas. I'll give you all a synopsis of my ideas in a short moment.
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Have you seen the price of Bitcoin? Yeah, it’s $12,975. I’d like a bitcoin for my birthday! I’m not spending $17,845 on your birthday present! Log in to Reply. Torsti Nisula. October.16.2020 ... Bitcoin Dies, Moldbug ventures, perhaps sometime this year. Following a broad DOJ indictment for money laundering, targeting any and everybody remotely connected with the free currency, the “BTC/USD price falls to 0 and remains there.” “[R]emains there” — how cute is that? Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Bitcoin R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn. Bitcoin simulates gold, and once ‘mined’ it ... Bitcoin can only be minted the hard way: by producing valid proof-of-work. Essentially, Bitcoin’s greatest innovation was to completely separate money production from central banks and states ... Bitcoin’s price appears to follow a fractal wave pattern based on the archetypal Gartner hype cycle. Bitcoin’s growth, in terms of price and transactions, has been dramatic to say the least ... MOLD price today is with a 24-hour trading volume of . It has a circulating supply of 0 coins and a max supply of 2.5 Billion coins. In order to explore addresses and transactions, you may use block explorers such as

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